Working with Kathy has helped me with strategies and techniques to better manage my hectic work and personal schedules. Her support and encouragement through the pilot program has been fantastic.


I have enjoyed the program. I feel the program has helped kick start a life style change which includes exercise every day.My blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been and I am more conscious of what I am eating, so I am eating healthier.


I am grateful to have the opportunity to be in the lifestyle coaching program. Kathy is a wonderful “cheerleader” for me to lose weight and eat healthier. I've tried many diets in the past 30 years and haven’t been successful until now. I've lost 14 pounds and still have a month to go. She makes me be accountable and gives me suggestions. Having the opportunity to use the YMCA is also a huge benefit for exercise. Thanks so much!

Mary Ellen

Without someone to support your good ideas or adjust a mediocre idea or offer suggestion when nothing seems to fit, the change that could make your life healthier and happier might be missed. That is what I find so rewarding about having a SHIFT Coach. On top of that, I trust that my coach has my best interests at heart and I welcome the fact that I will be held accountable for changes I plan to make. Not only does having a Coach positively impact my life, it positively impacts my work environment and the people around me. When someone is working to become healthier and happier, the benefits are not just for them. Everyone around them benefits as well. I would recommend SHIFT for anyone who sees that a change needs to be made and wants to make those changes a reality.


All of the programs prior to this have not included a coach to help monitor, encourage, and plan for success in a weight loss program. It has really been wonderful to have someone to be honest with and explore not only losing weight but what are behind the weight gain the failures that I have experienced in the past. Kathy has been a great listener who really has my best interest in mind. Having talked with other staff members they are saying the same things about Kathy and the program. Having someone that cares about us and our progress has made this journey work where others have failed. She sends encouraging e-mails and reminders of the goals for the week. As an educator I really enjoy having someone care and push me just like I would a student in the classroom. I know I would benefit from continued use of the services provided.